Dig for your Diamonds.

If your looking to start a paintball business, laser tag business or entertainment complex, the simple truth is, the diamonds are there. You just have to dig a little.

David Seabury points out that in South Africa they move tons of earth looking for tiny diamonds. They are willing to sift the dirt to find the jewels. In daily life and in starting a business, people forget this principle and start to complain when there is more dirt than diamonds. When challenges come, look for the positives and dig them out. They are so valuable it doesn’t matter if you have to handle tons of dirt.

The best thing about starting a paintball business is, you don’t have dig that much to find the diamonds. Laser Tag and entertainment complexes may take a little more digging but it’s sure worth it. So the next time a flakey Real Estate agent doesn’t return your call about a property or the city won’t re-zone the “perfect location” you found, relax. This is just part of the process, the “perfect location” doesn’t exist anyway, you make it perfect by providing a great experience for your customers. Remember Disney World in the swamps of Florida? That location turned out to be pretty good. It just needed a little digging to find the diamonds.

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